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Link Building Techniques – Get to know the main ones!

Link Building is considered the basis of a good SEO strategy. After all, you need to build a base of links around your domain to show yourself as the authority for search engines like Google.

This is because, search engines believe that a link has a lot to say, since it is possible to display the relationship between the linked pages and thus find new content to index for users.

Therefore, this link relation shows the relevance of a given page on the internet, which is essential to have a good positioning within the search engines.

Therefore, it is not enough to create a professional website and improve its loading speed, it is necessary to build a network of links to achieve excellent positioning on Google.

In view of this, see below what link building is and learn the main techniques to put this strategy into practice today.

Which is?

This strategy can easily be conceptualized as an SEO action whose main objective is to strengthen the authority of a domain in the face of search engines.   

In this way, this is done by building a network of links to a page, which can be internal and external.

Internal linking takes place within the same domain, which is done by directing the user to another page on the same site, thus prolonging his stay there.

However, when it comes to link building, the focus is on external links, that is, those that are acquired from other domains, and are also known as inbound links or backlinks.

So, these links take on the role of showing the search engines, especially Google, the authority and relevance of the site within the niche in which it operates.

After all, the search engine conducts an investigation of links that lead to a domain to determine its popularity.

Now, the more links a site receives from other trusted and referral sites, the more relevant it is positioned within its area and thus is displayed at the top of Google.

In view of this, find out below some of the main and most important link building techniques.

Bet on content marketing Content

marketing is, without a doubt, one of the main pillars when it comes to backlinks.

So, before leaving the internet looking for links, it is necessary to ensure that visitors see relevance in what they find on your page.

That way, you will be able to get results with the users you receive, making them even share your content – and in this way, generate links to your page.

Therefore, in order to achieve such an important share, the tip is to bet on the creation of digital marketing assets, which is nothing more than linkable content. Therefore, we are talking about pieces that have a great sharing power.

From the moment you develop excellent and good content, they automatically start promoting themselves, without you trying to get links.

Knowing this, some examples of content that you should create are:

  • Posts with lists;
  • Infographics;
  • Complete guides;
  • Interactive content, such as a questionnaire, for example;
  • Search results you have done.

Of course, these are just a few of the suggestions for linkable content you can develop.

Among them, some stand out for having an easier understanding (as is the case of infographics) or because they are more fun (interactive content) and even because they bring new metrics and trends (research results).

With that in mind, regardless of the content format in which you are going to create, the important thing is to prioritize quality.

Reuse of content

A link building technique that works very well and that brings excellent results to your website is the so-called “recycling” of content.

This means that a single piece of content that you have already developed can easily be reused in several different formats and in other materials.

Think of a blog post, for example, it can turn into a video, podcast and even a slide show.

So, the content created from this main can and should be distributed in different channels, such as:

  • Slide sharing sites;
  • Video sites;
  • Social networks, etc.

Of course, for the strategy to work properly, all links must point to the original content. 

Search for link building partners Gaining

backlinks is an important SEO strategy, but it does not depend only on you, but on other domains that add a link to your page.

However, this decision becomes simpler when you have a good relationship with other internet pages, which, with this, become more likely to carry out this link.

One of the big questions for those who start an external link strategy is always the same: how to find good partners to generate these links?

So, the best partnerships than those made with sites that are trusted by Google, that are seen as an authority within the niche in which they operate, that develop excellent content and are linked, directly or indirectly, with their work area.

For this reason, generally, these sites already have a good position in Google, having their keywords well defined and worked.

One of the easiest ways to identify the best partners for links is through some tools that show the authority of the pages and the domain, such as Link Explorer.

For this, this platform seeks to simulate Google’s vision, based on several factors for ranking, in order to create an authority score for the pages and domain. 

With that, the score goes from 0 to 100 and shows the probability of the domain or page reaching the top of the search engines. The higher the score, the greater the chances.

Therefore, it is possible to use Link Explorer to check the scores of possible partners, checking if it is worthwhile to receive link building from them.

When you find sites that have the domain and the interesting pages, just take a professional and polite approach.

For this, the tip is to approach slowly, offering assistance with any problem or content, thus showing interest in establishing a relationship of trust.

Find unlisted mentions

Mentions that have no links are also valuable for ranking. After all, Google notices when a company or brand is being cited frequently on the internet and gaining popularity. 

In this way, he links the mention to the company’s website and uses it to rank in his ranking.

However, mentions alone do not pass authority from one page to another, only links are able to do this. So, it is necessary that you have mentions with links and not just quotes.

Given this, it is possible to take some actions, in particular to search for mentions that your company has already received and contact the domain administrator to add a link.

From the moment you make a friendly approach, you have a good chance of getting that link.

However, how to find mentions without linking? It is very simple, just use Google Alerts, which issues a notification whenever the name of your company (or terms you have established) is mentioned.

Another way to do this is to use Google’s own search. Just enter your business name and find the sites that mention it.

Redirect broken links

It is natural that certain links are no longer part of your domain. Now, content is reused or deleted and sites change their URL, which naturally causes broken links.

Thus, when the visitor tries to access the link, it shows the “Error 404”, which communicates that it was not possible to find that page.

When this happens, in addition to losing traffic and leaving the visitor frustrated, you also stop earning link juice, that link that would direct to your domain. So, how to solve this kind of situation?

In such cases, you need to direct the broken links to the updated and correct URLs. Therefore, we speak here of the so-called Redirect 301.

So, in a basic way, it is necessary to change the code of the page so that the visitor is directed to the link he wants to access.

This can be done through thetool Screaming Frog, which finds the broken links on your site and, after that, makes the survey of the redirects made by you.

If you do not understand programming, you will need the help of a developer to carry out this redirection, since it is necessary to tamper with the source codes of your page.

However, if the site was built on WordPress, there are plugins that make this job easier, as is the case with Seo Redirect.

If the page no longer exists (for whatever reason), you can create a custom error page. Then, in it you inform that the content does not exist there and then offer others that the user may like.

Reject questionable backlinks

Not all received backlinks are considered good. In various situations, pages receive links from spam or domains that are questionable.

Although it is not your fault, this type of situation directly contributes to a poor ranking in Google’s ranking, which is exactly the opposite of what you are looking for.

That’s because, it is necessary to have good partners to be seen by this search engine as reliable.

Because of this, a very important link building strategy is the rejection of unwanted and doubtful backlinks.

To identify them, just use Google Search Console, which has a specific tool to reject backlinks. 

That way, you just need to say which domains or pages you want to be rejected. It may take a while, but Google will definitely stop using these domains as the basis for your ranking.

In addition to doing this, if you prefer, you can also contact the domain administrator directly to remove the link made.

Link Building on social networks

Another very useful strategy when it comes to publicizing your company or presenting yourself as an expert in your market, is the use of social networks.

To do this, create a professional profile on the main channels and take advantage of existing communities to improve the positioning of your page in search engines.

In fact, this is a strategy that works very well when you have the objective of boosting your website traffic and making people want to learn more about your brand.

Therefore, the presence on social networks positively affects your brand’s position on search engines, especially since there are new features on these channels that users can click on.

So, if you don’t already have a professional profile on social media, now you have a good reason to start. 

This is not a strategy focused only on link building, as it attracts qualified traffic and expands your backlink possibilities.

Guest Post

Finally, another important link building technique is the so-called guest post, which consists of approaching the best partners and proposing actions to generate the backlinks.

Therefore, this strategy can be defined as the creation of content as a guest within a domain and, in return, the insertion of one or more links to the site is allowed.

With that, the partner starts to transfer the authority to you and your website attracts more traffic, being then pulled to the top of Google.

In fact, see here how to make guest post effectively, in order to guarantee impressive results for your business.


According to Google, link building is one of the main factors used to rank a domain or page.

As a result, try to do a good job of linking, as this is one of the main points within a good SEO strategy.

As you saw, here are the main link building techniques that really work, so you just need to put them into practice to gain traffic, authority and relevance to search engines.

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How to guest post like a pro

Guest post is extremely important for your blog to be seen as an authority by search engines like Google and Yahoo, for example.

Now, this is an action that guarantees a better result for your link building techniques, thus ensuring greater visibility not only for you, but also for your partners.

Thus, linking content on domains and pages external to yours is a way to build a solid reputation with search engines, thus being able to maximize the results of your business.

In view of that, how about understanding more about this strategy? Below are some important tips to get you started using it. Check out!

But after all, what is a guest post?

From English this term means “Guest Post”, which then means producing content and publishing it on someone else’s domain, that is, on a blog that is not yours.

Therefore, you can be invited by a website owner with a niche similar to yours to write content there. So this published article is called a guest post.

Another very striking feature of the Guest Post is that you do not receive payment for the publication. The main reward of this strategy is the mention that you can make within that domain, through linking.

Know the advantages of this strategy

So, this is the moment you must be asking yourself: but why write content for another blog if I can publish on mine? 

There are strong reasons for you to apply this strategy right now. Meet some below!

Better placement in search engines

Every time you publish a post on third-party blogs, a link to your site is directed. This link is usually made at the beginning or end of the content.

No matter the position, the presence of this link is essential to improve the ranking of your page in search engine results, such as Google.

This is because, one of the most used points to determine the position of a domain or website before the search engines is the quantity and quality of the links that direct to it.

Therefore, Google, in particular, considers these links as votes and uses them in its metrics of relevance, authority and popularity of a domain. 

So, if you want to stay on top of the search engines, you need to bet on the guest post strategy.

Greater disclosure of your brand

Another great advantage of this action is greater disclosure and reach of your brand, since publishing on other sites and blogs helps to expand your audience.

Thus, it is very likely that you will reach people who have never even heard of your company, so this practice renews and strengthens your target audience.

After all, new people will be interested in your content and, as a result, your brand, through more content that has been published by you. 

It generates authority

This simple practice of writing for other blogs is also a way of giving greater credibility and better positioning in the market.

With this, your brand is recognized as a reference within your niche, thus gaining much more authority.

Improve your SEO

As if all these advantages of the guest post were not enough, you can still improve SEO with this strategy.

The reason is simple, the practice of making backlinks, via guest post, is one of the main factors when it comes to optimization for search engines.

When to guest post?

Now that you know what it is and the main advantages of this strategy, it is time to learn when to take this action on partner blogs.

It is recommended to start at the beginning of your publications, contacting other domains that have an audience or subject similar to yours, but that are not your competitors.

In this way, it becomes possible to form a partnership, complementing each other without competition.

In addition, there are several reasons and objectives for starting this strategy, some of which are:

  • Build backlinks to your domain;
  • Increase your website traffic;
  • Position yourself as an authority within your niche, etc.

Learn how to do a guest post

With all this information, it’s time to learn how to make this strategy work and bring results to your brand. 

Establish the purpose of your guest post

First of all it is very important that you establish the purpose of your guest post.

This is because, this goal is essential when it comes to finding good partners. Overall, the main reasons for using this strategy are;

  • Attract link building to your domain;
  • Be recognized in the market and establish its authority;
  • Increase the visibility of your page and get traffic.

If your content as a guest is published on a blog already recognized in the market, it will be much easier to achieve the three goals above.

Have great content on your blog

You already have the goal, right? So, one of the most crucial steps on how to guest post is having great content on your blog.

It is very difficult for any website or blog to provide the space for you to publish when your own page has no relevant and interesting content.

So, before you go around looking for partnerships, focus first on production within your own domain. 

Therefore, develop content that is relevant, that is, that answers the questions of your target audience. In addition, don’t just publish articles, but also infographics, videos and other content formats.

In fact, take advantage of this moment to make internal linking, as this is also an important factor for better positioning in search engines.

Find good partners

To publish content as a guest in other domains, you need to search for good partners. 

The ideal is to prioritize those who already have some relationship with your niche or who have a target audience with a profile similar to yours.

For this, it is interesting that you follow some market experts and see the sources they use in publishing their content. Thus, it will be easier to find blogs to close partnerships.

In addition, you can also turn to Google for some interesting results and data.

There is even a Google plugin that displays pages similar to yours, thus helping you find the right partners.

So, when using it, try to identify the right blogs and websites. Analyze the repercussions of each one, especially in the latest publications and see how many followers the site has on the main social networks.

Another way to find good partners is through the Open Site Explorer tool, which measures the authority of a domain. Thus, you have a series of data to accurately identify the pages that will bring the greatest benefit to your brand.

Try to build a previous relationship 

It is not easy to publish content on quality blogs, since they have a built reputation, so they do not trust any approach taken.

For this reason, it is very important to start a prior relationship before making the official request to publish a guest post. Build the relationship through comments on the content or even on social networks. 

In addition, it is very well regarded to share the website content on your brand’s social networks, for example.

Take the Appropriate Approach

After following the steps above, it is time to contact the blog to submit your guest post proposal. As you might imagine, the approach must be done properly.

So, to do this in a coherent way some tips become important:

  • Know the content of the blog – see the types of content that are produced in this domain. Are they short, medium or long posts? Is the subject at a basic or intermediate level? In addition, seek to understand the target audience;
  • Check out who else does guest post on this site – most of the domains that accept this type of partnership have content from people with similar profiles. So, this information is valid for a better approach.

So, now just get in touch via a personalized email, where you must present yourself clearly and justify your contact.

Focus on content

Was your approach successful? Then, it was time to write the content as a guest on the blog.

Contrary to what many people imagine, this is not an opportunity for you to advertise your company, products or services.

Instead, you need to focus on delivering content that is valuable and relevant to that site’s audience, being able to address readers’ questions.

Because of this, it is essential to write about something that you understand well, because then you have greater chances of obtaining excellent results. 

Of course, some information about you will be visible in the publication, but it should only be in the space geared especially to the author’s profile. 

Ah, it is worth mentioning that the goal here is not to recycle blog posts or, even worse, to copy them. It is necessary to think about the production of original content.

Use relevant links

You saw above that using guest post links is a way to improve your page’s position within search engines, right?

It is very common for some people to look for ways to circumvent this mechanism to obtain a better position and abuse the use of links, even in situations where it does not make sense to add it.

However, although it seems like a good idea, this practice does not work, since the search engines pay attention to this type of situation and severely punish those who try to take advantage of the use of link building.

Knowing this, the best way is to really focus on creating the content and use only the links that are relevant, so that the results will come naturally.

Internalis welcome

linkIn addition to the external link to your domain, it is also interesting to make use of the internal link within the blog that you are publishing as a guest.

That way, the domain administrator will know that you know the content of the site and that you have worked hard to develop something useful for its audience. 

Respect the formatting of the site

To make a guest post, you still need to respect the formatting of the site on which you are publishing as a guest.

This means that all the formatting of your publication needs to be adequate to what the audience of that domain is used to.

So, if all posts have bold, quotes, images and subtitles, you must follow this same basis so as not to break the standard of the site.

Respond to comments

Something very important in this strategy is comments, since they consist of opportunities for you to connect with users who may become visitors or customers of your brand.

For this reason, it is essential that you are attentive to comments and respond as soon as possible, with full attention and respect.

Measure the results

There is no point in writing several guest posts if you do not analyze the results. It is necessary to have data to show that this strategy is working.

The reason is simple: the last thing you need now is to waste your time putting into practice an action that has no advantages, is it not?

As a result, if your goal is to get traffic to your domain, for example, the results of your strategy need to be measured properly.

So, in this specific case the metric to be analyzed is the number of visits from the site where you published the content as a guest.

To analyze the results and metrics, use Google Analytics, as it displays valuable information such as:

  • Number of visits;
  • Main sources;
  • Most visited pages;
  • Bounce rate, among others.


Guest post is a very good strategy for you to position yourself as an authority within a niche and get to the top of Google. 

That’s because, with this action you will be reaching out to people who still don’t know your brand, thus expanding your audience and potential customers.

So, guest post is not complicated, just have the best partners and focus on quality, as seen here.

Therefore, try to produce the best possible content, putting into practice all the mentioned tips and don’t forget to analyze the results of your action.

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